Bop: The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel

Today I present to you some micro drum n’ bass made by a Russian whose profile states he is a “green tea-drinking, banana-eating vegan with a dog named Booyaka”. Great!

The thing that hits you again and again throughout “The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel” is the intricacy of the drums – complicated clicked and punched rhythms across Dn’B and more dubsteppy styles (and one 4/4) that make the whole thing fascinatingly intimate. Add to that the warmth of the chords, the enveloping bass and a few chopped-up soulful vocals (à la Burial in places) and you’ve got something remarkably tender and personal for something made of machines. Even the harsher sounding ‘8-Bit Cosmos’ manages to keep to this remit through the warmth of nostalgia evidenced by its title.

Ever wondered what jump-up for tiny, tiny people in a miniature marquee would sound like? No? Well I have many a time. And so should you. Get it here.

Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You From Me From The Bedroom (feat. Bev Lee Harling)

And some excerpts of other tracks:

The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel –

8-Bit Cosmos –

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  1. This is great. Fantastic cover, great titles – and the music’s pretty special too. Good spot!

  2. God that last comment looks like spam. Sorry. Fried. Anyway, of course you’ve been thinking about pixel-sized tinkers. PS – William Gibson invented a band called Lo/Rez who had a hit with a track called ‘Stuck Pixel’

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