Wartgore Hellsnicker: Moderate Rock

Our favourite label* Audio Antihero releases another great EP today, Wartgore Hellsnicker’s ‘Moderate Rock’. Not content with churning out the same old thing over and over again, AAH has followed its other bands – Broken Shoulder’s electronica, the modern folksongs of Jack Hayter and Benjamin Shaw and of course the mighty but unclassifiable Nosferatu D2 – with a band that does actually rock. And not all that moderately.

Described as “a love letter to Sub Pop 1989”, this does remind me of the dirtier end of grunge all those years ago, but with added brass and joyous yell-along choruses. It’s somewhere between Rocket From The Crypt and an old-school soul revue, which is a pretty good place to be. Most importantly The Hellsnicker sound like they’re having the time of their lives. I think this photo says it all: you can never have too many people in a band, in my opinion.

Oh, you want proof that Watford rocks?

Karl Vs. Groucho‘ – Wartgore Hellsnicker – Moderate Rock

Buy from the Audio Antihero shop here or at Bandcamp or all good online stores.


*I think we’ve reviewed every AAH release bar one (sorry Jamie!). See here for our review of an excellent compilation featuring music from every artist on the label.


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  1. Will have to up my game to beat the line/question, “Oh, you want proof that Watford rocks?”. Aces.

    • Seems to have gone down well, ta. Of course I never doubted it – didn’t grow up all that far away after all

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