Gyratory System: New Harmony

Some band or artist, somewhere, is going to have to do something very special this year to better ‘Lost On The King’s Road’, the first track on Gyratory System’s second album New Harmony – it’s a brooding swarm of tune with a menacing serpentine coil perfectly befitting the band’s name and presents the most snakiest of melodies that you hope will crawl into the engines of Chelsea tractors and immobilise Sloanes from ranging (if such a breed still exist).

With a mix of synths and brass/woodwind instruments given a range of sound treatments, New Harmony conjures the soundtrack to a weird fairground. On the surface this is a joyous adrenaline-fuelled space full of whirling enjoyment, but as those who’ve ever spent time at such events will know, swimming just beneath the surface of fun, and essential to the overall experience, is a sense of tension and imminent violence.

Thus the best I can manage is to say New Harmony sounds something like Fuck Buttons and Teeth of the Sea tongue-snogging next to the dodgems, or The League of Gentlemen doing Dan Deacon’s Nintendo analogue ravings behind the ghost train. I cross my fingers in hope that this does some justice to what is a markedly individual and quality album.

April was a strong month for releases and this was my favourite. Purchase here.

Lost On The King’s Road

And here’s a taster/edited version of many of the tracks on the album:



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  1. Blimey. Nice! Though funfairs were never that much fun, or that scary, where I was. It’s your clown phobia again, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Big boys scared me at St. Giles Fair 1984. Never got over it.


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