The Strange Death of Liberal England: Come On You Young Philosophers!

The Strange Death of Liberal England release another single from last year’s cracking album, Drown Your Heart Again on the 16th of May. ‘Come On You Young Philosophers!’  is an exuberant blast of  serious pop music that reminds you of a slightly chirpier and more excitable I Like Trains, or British Sea Power: orchestral, sometimes literally, music with a touch of post-rock in the arrangements, lyrical concerns that revolve around time and place. We like them, as we like their friends in I Like Trains.

The video to this single is the start of a treasure hunt, containing clues to the whereabouts of two USB sticks hidden somewhere in the UK. Both contain the entire TSDOLE back catalogue plus rarities, as well as clues to another prize hidden somewhere else. Good luck!

More on the band here including links to buy the album and/or single.

Oh, and isn’t their name apt considering the shoeing Mr Clegg’s party have had today?



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  1. Hi there, I was steered to your blog from our mutual friend, Julia Leyda. I am totally smitten at the moment and can’t wait until have some time to get caught up on all the posts 🙂 So happy to have discovered Both Bars On!!


  2. hi Tara, thanks for coming by and thanks for the kind words! Glad you like BBO.

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