Eat Lights; Become Lights: Autopia

One of the slight drawbacks of Kontakte’s last album was the lack of motorik rhythms that made something really special of their former release. On discovering that one member, Neil Rudd, has left the band and formed Eat Lights; Become Lights, and after consuming the delights of Autopia, the reasons for this have become apparent (I think. The Great God of Google won’t tell me if this is the exact sequence of events, but it seems to make sense). So this is a contemporary motorik release that is unashamedly obvious in its influences (the band have been described at London based Klub Motorik’s ‘house band’).

If you’re going to do something with such an evident lineage then you’d better get it right – and Eat Lights; Become Lights get it spot on. With its sparkling and propulsive guitars and synths, ever forward pulsing rhythms and effortless melodies, Autopia evokes a velocity and movement that befits those modernist dreams of untrammelled mobility and freedom to which the motorik sound pays homage. As so composed, Eat Lights provide a soundtrack to those almost forgotten utopic visions of efficient travel, wherein concrete shone bright, tarmac glistened with hope and motorway services had the aura and mystique of orbiting space stations.

Jetpacks might not be included, but if you want a semi-nostalgic trip to the past-future Autopia is worth tracking down. Buy it here. And read The Quietus’ excellent article on all things motorik here when you’ve done purchasing.

Dark Matter

Test Drive:



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  1. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. No problem. Thanks for popping by.

  3. That’s a smokin’ record…Really wonderful.

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