Jatoma: Jatoma

Some of the best electronic music is that which balances the shadowy and the luminous: with light and delicate flourishes matched by a deep and dark low end, Jatoma’s eponymous release on Kompakt is an enjoyable frolic through all manner of strange tones, buzzes and beats. The peculiarity of the noises gives the album an abstract feel, yet in such a way that’s resolutely intelligible throughout.

Highlights include ‘Dust in Wong’ with its filtered guitars and the gratifying disintegration of its finale; the clacking and bestial throb of ‘Bou’; the melodic rave stabs, squelches and marching beats of ‘Durian’; and the space disco of ‘Paper Lights’ that seems to record something struggling to communicate for the first time or perhaps a conversation we’re not meant to understand.

With its unvarying focus on making you move whilst artfully assorting a miscellany of sounds, Jatoma has the feel of a Four Tet release. Hopefully this association will have you inspecting it with a degree of care and concentration…and then buying it.

Dust in Wong



p.s. this is a release from way back in 2010. I know…shame on me.


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