Matt and Cassie are getting married

My friends Matt and Cassie are getting married in Vegas on Saturday. Matt is a displaced Englishman who somehow manages to put up with his terrible new life living in San Francisco with the fantastic Cassie and Gordon the dog (I’ve not met Gordon but he has a winning smile in all the photographs). Matt used to live next door and we miss him dearly but obviously they’re going to live happily ever after now, and that’s what they deserve because they’re lovely.

Matt is a music nut with great taste, but he still somehow finds time to be one of the most loyal readers of this blog. I’d like to offer the following selection as a sort of BBO Mobile Disco sampler: a  track that I think is his favourite ever, one slightly guiltier pleasure that might just get played on Saturday, but maybe not, and then something to remind him of home (well, Bedford rather than Watford). But no, there’s no Nitzer Ebb in the box, or Die Toten Hosen. Sorry.


The Human League – ‘The Black Hit of Space

Dreadzone – ‘Little Britain

The Orb and Alan Parker – ‘Grey Clouds



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