Kreidler: Tank

It seems I’ve had an eleven year hiatus from Kreidler. I own the Düsseldorfian three (or four) piece’s 2000 eponymous album, but somehow don’t have anything earlier or in-between. And judging by the quality of Tank this is something I need to remedy.

Kreidler are masters at layering sounds over the course of a track with all manner of cybernetic throbs (both dark and ethereal), bass pulses (funky or marching) and rhythms (stomping or complex) being introduced and built into the mix. In the hands of others this strategy would no doubt result in something god-awfully messy and muddled; Kreidler’s dexterity and precision is revealed by the fact you can still discern a lone opening sound at the end of a track when many more have been introduced. And this sense of control doesn’t hinder pleasure but instead supplies something beautiful and rewarding.

Listening to Kreidler (like To Rococo Rot and others) is to be made aware of a Krautrock and German electronic heritage without having it shoved repeatedly in your face via the means of a direct copying. And for this reason alone I entrust Tank to your listening lists.

New Earth

Kremlin Rules:

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