The Psychic Paramount: II

Press play on most albums and you’re given at least half a chance to settle down and prepare yourself for what is to come. The Psychic Paramount are obviously not interested in such luxuries. Instead you get an absolute bloody battering of hyper speed guitars and bass, and a whirlwind of drums, from the very beginning of their latest output II. This initial mauling is repeated throughout and hence initial listens leave you thinking there’s a lack of nuance and depth, but then it dawns there’s a complexity and noisy subtlety (if that’s not an oxymoron, which it is) to the whole thing.

Comparisons to Lighting Bolt are there for the discerning. Yet whereas the Bolt are the sound of drilling through the earth’s crust, The Psychic Paramount are (for the most part) more akin to riding the thermals of aerial turbulence. This is one of those albums that is guaranteed to break humidity and fug and leaves you feeling delightfully dizzy and giddy.

Oh and did I mention it’s fucking noisy?


And some further excerpts:

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  1. Gneiss! Definitely sounds like a bit of the Bolt there but without the grunting. Good find!

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