Post 200: For Japan

This is our 200th post. We’re both a little surprised that we got this far. Yet rather than celebrate our success (*splutter*) and write some bollocks that only a handful of people will read, we want to give some space to something far more deserving.

The images of destruction and suffering coming out of Japan recently have been staggeringly awful and unspeakably horrendous. Even the most cynical and hardhearted cannot fail to be moved (although it seems some are, such as the twitter twats who joked about Godzilla on the day of the earthquake and tsunami). The fact we’ve both got friends out there whom we’ve been privileged enough to go visit have made the images somehow more affecting.

Anyway, anything we try to say here about the pain or devastation will no doubt sound trite. All we can do is point you towards two marvellous musical endeavours that are doing their bit for the relief effort.

First up, those lovely people at Audio Antihero have put together a corking compilation of 34 tracks for a minimum price of £3.99. That’s 11.735294117647058823 pennies per track if you’re not generous to donate more. And it’s chocked full of BBO friendly artists (Nosferatu D2 and Jack Hayter, etc.) plus others that we probably should have reviewed. Go get it HERE.

Second, for Northern types, the post-prog/time signature shapeshifting/multi-genre spectacular BEAST that is Trojan Horse have assembled a line-up for The Ruby Lounge on the 14th of April that easily commands the title ‘Best in Manchester right now, k?’.

For a fiver not only do you get a roster of quality acts you get a raffle (I love raffles. I do hope there’s a bottle of Blue Nun and a box of Family Circle biscuits). Buy your tickets HERE. And while you’ve got your wallet out buy Trojan Horse’s eponymous début HERE (they need to fund their beard care after all).

That is all. Get donating.

angrybonbon & JKneale


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  1. One of those friends in Japan thanks you both!!

  2. Thanks for popping by Sam 😉

  3. Beautifully written, and a darn good cause – go for it angrybonbon.

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