EMA: The Grey Ship

We get a lot of mail here at BBO, and most of it we can’t keep up with, cover, mention, or even giggle at. It’s a constant slew of PR, promotion, tips and news. We get ok music from people we like and terrible music from people we’ve never heard of. And most of it just can’t be squeezed into the busy schedule of the BBO hacks, because we just don’t have time. We wish we could post short news items that paraphrased or cut-and-pasted the press releases (always amusing when you see them turn up on other blogs, tut), but we can barely write about the music that we really do want to cover. So this is the exception – an email that tempted me to not just listen to the track but do something about it.

EMA – or Erika Anderson – used to be part of Gowns, who put out an album called Red State, played at the Smell in LA, and mixed breathy/creepy folk with off-putting electronic and guitar noises and drones. Seems like they were especially unpredictable, and enthralling, live. Gowns came to an end and EMA is carrying on. ‘The Grey Ship’ starts quietly and builds over its eight minutes, with EMA’s vocal becoming increasingly lost in the guitar, feedback, strings. It’s arty, noisy, and I bet it’s great live. I like it.

‘The Grey Ship’ will be out in March, and an album (Past Life Martyred Saints) sometime after that, both on Souterrain Transmissions (where you can download ‘Grey Ship’ should you want to). I’m going to be buying the album and I think you should too.

EMA has a site here.  She seems like a very smart woman.

PS – Everyone else blogged about this in December but we didn’t get the email until now. Maybe that’s because we don’t reply to our emails, which is fair enough…



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  1. Great track – got better and better.

  2. excellent!!!! I have not been to the smell in years…. I will look for future shows by this band.

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