Mugstar: Lime

The problem with an end-of-the-year-list is that it can act as an insurmountable mental barrier to reviewing albums that were released in that year and weren’t considered for it when one begins thinking about the first post of the new year. Thus, if said new year post intends to review something from the previous year accusations of laziness and sham might fly. Quite how a change in the calendar has such a potential is something I’ve yet to resolve. This post, therefore, can be seen as part of a current and ongoing psychological battle I’ve been waging to overcome this malady. In fact I intend to win this battle and banish this silly disease by not only reviewing an album that came out in 2010, but one by a band that featured in our best of the year top ten. I will be victorious. I hope.

Mugstar’s Lime is composed of four tracks that splendidly continue the space-psyche n’ roll theme developed on …Sun, Broken…. Two are of the battering and assaulting riff variety, whilst the others are of a gliding blissful nature. Opener ‘Sunburnt Impedance Machine’ immediately introduces the riff that you half expect to be continued throughout its 7.42 length (a trick Loop were masters at), but then differentiates it in unforeseen ways until you submit to its edgy charms. ‘Serra’ is motorik minimalism with simple Hammond organ lines writing a melody and ‘Beyond the Sun’ shimmers and hazes with a meditative bass line as undertow.

Best of all is ‘Radar King’ which delivers a proper mauling for the first three minutes or so until an extended dropout and meticulously revived build-up alter the tension as a prelude to the screaming and yowling, and frankly intimidating, finale.

Radar King

Purchase Lime here.



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  1. You’re spot on with that ‘reviewing last year’s music’ mental block 😦 Well done, will try to follow you soon…

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