aM [aem]:Belong To Galaxy

Atmosphere/ Stratosphere/ Noise/ Asian Echoes/ Ground Groove Rhythm/ New Psychedelic/ Sparkle Bleep Galaxy/ Cool/ Beautifully/ Spinning Nostalgic Music Magic! [Source]

This self-descriptor seems sufficient in itself to review this Japanese duo. However, to counter any potential piss-taking of the Japlish and to give some personal reactions, I give you my words on Belong to Galaxy.

Space travel and adjectives that circulate around it are common with anything of the electronic ilk. I’ve used such tropes so often here that any sense of wonder garnered through them has been jettisoned, leaving one with a sense of mundane earthbound commuting rather that interplanetary voyaging. The difference here is that aMTM explore space far beyond any other band I’ve heard in a while: we’re not just making the seemingly easy trip to Mars, we’re exploring galaxies where stars are named in abstract code and have been dead for aeons.

Waveform analogues bubble, drums are acoustically and electronically filtered, and guitars fuzz a drone. The duo know when to drop the cacophonous mix in order to shiver a euphoria and provoke a sense of vastness. The formula is repeated over most of the seven tracks (with some exceptions – the weightless drift of ‘Keep Imaging Over Images’ for example), but when you sound like a progged/space-rocked Fuck Buttons this far from an issue.

As for the name ‘aMTM [aem]’, I assume the bit in square parentheses is a guide to how it should be pronounced or some form of translation. I’ve seen it in the Japanese script, but if you listen to this as tagged you will be, apart from myself, the only person scrobbling this on How cutting edge is that, hmmm? No, it’s probably just inaccurate tagging so don’t get excited.

Spark bleep your way through some galaxies with this tune, and then buy here:

Blue Gene



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  1. Ha – I get yet another tag and I’m also the first person to play it 🙂 Plus no one has ever listened to anything by this version either

    Oh and the music’s great too.

  2. I found that tag then lost it again when I came to write the post. Still, we’re so ahead of the curve here it hurts….

    [yeah, right]

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