No Age: Everything In Between

The physical form of No Age’s third album might be a little starker and simpler than the extraordinarily beautiful packaging for Nouns – and if you only downloaded it you’re missing out – but the music within the black and white sleeve is still a rich treat for heart and mind alike. Everything in Between sounds like a more confident, coherent album than Nouns, though it seems to have had a long and difficult gestation; perhaps it just sounds like they’ve really worked out what it is they want to do. It’s beautifully produced, which brings out the instrumental and experimental elements. The songs between these washes of sound remind me of a whole host of post-hardcore bands – early Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, a little Black Flag – because they manage to sound poppy, punky and experimental simultaneously.

Despite this, and the fun I had watching the crowd-surfing at the Grosvenor in August, No Age are nothing like a guilty pleasure. This album sounds so current – if anything they should have released it earlier in the year, it’s a great summer record – that I don’t feel in the least bit like I’m succumbing to nostalgia. I suspect this will be in my end-of-year list. And if you can, go and see them before they leave the UK again.

Fever Dreaming‘ – No Age – Everything in Between

Valley Hump Crash‘ – No Age – Everything in Between

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  1. Couldn’t have written a better review with the two best songs from the album. It’s less experimental I think, but no worse for it. Yep, going to be up there at the end of the year.

  2. Ta. I had trouble picking the second – ‘Chem Trails’, ‘Glitter’, ‘Depletion’ and ‘Shed and Transcend’ were all contenders. It’s that good.

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