Silvery: Railway Architecture

BBO already has a habit of reviewing this band a bit late and here we are again… Silvery’s second album is just as immediate as their first, or at least it is if you like great, off-kilter pop with a dash of whimsy. It’s a very lively Victorian knees-up from the opening track, with tunes whizzing about, changing direction and dashing off again, like Sparks (but not as daft) or a poppier Cardiacs, or maybe XTC. Lyrical concerns this time round include the age of steam and a haunting at the Vauxhall plague pit, and we are again offered a bibliography for further reading (a book about London’s diesel trains, and one by spiritualist Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge). So if you want the musical equivalent of cult site The Weekly I recommend you buy this album. They’re touring, too.

Two tasters; a story about a fraudulent seance which contains the immortal line “The late Lady Pirabella had ectoplasm on her chin”, and Silvery’s cover of the Bugsy Malone theme, which was their Christmas single a few years back (what have they been up to?).

An Account Of The Raising Of A Spirit‘ – Silvery – Railway Architecture

You Give A Little Love‘ – Silvery – Railway Architecture

Band site here. Buy through Blow Up’s site.


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