Drum Eyes: Gira Gira

Drum Eyes are a collective of kraut-psyche-noise-vendors including the ex-drummer of The Boredoms and the wonderfully named DJ Scotch Egg (Shigeru Ishihara). They’ve been on the same bill as Teeth of the Sea, Ishihara has shared a record label (Load Records) with Lightning Bolt and Gira Gira (their first album) is out on Upset the Rhythm’s label who, by the accounts of me colleague, put on some bloody good nights in that there London. Hopefully this description functions to locate them and hints at a quality product – which it very much is.

Opener ‘50-50’, after some analogue-oscillations, erupts with a long phased drum roll that gives way to a series of bombastic proggy crashes that in turn gives out to a freak-out of digital noise. ‘Future police’ has a deceptively sugary Kraftwerk melody underpinned by menacing swirls that hint at and are fully realised in the next and complimentary track ‘Future Yakuza’ which is all doom-dirge-sludge riffage and stomp. ’13 Magician’ reveals multiple snake-charmers raising and hypnotising something gruesome alongside another a distorted rhythmic trudge. After that the dub and drift of final track ‘Hana B’ is only the sweeter.

This is going to be up there with Fang Island, Mugstar and Holy Fuck in my 2010 list for sure. Get yours here.


13 Magician



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  1. Haven’t listened yet but that first paragraph ticks boxes I didn’t even know we had. NICE.

  2. I wasn’t aware of the boxes either until I did a bit of reading around them. Hope you enjoy.

  3. Forgot to add – PLAY THIS FUCKING LOUD.

  4. Having given it a proper listen I’m liking the last couple most of all. Bit of a short CD, but well worth my pocket money…

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