Fang Island: Fang Island

Much has been made of the firework soundtrack that opens (and finishes) Fang Island’s eponymous album. The pyrotechnics might serve up an obvious theme for reviewers, but there’s no avoiding the whooshes, aahhhs, woos and overarching sense of euphoria that fills these tracks. Fang Island choreograph their tunes with the spectacular builds and skin tingling rushes that come with such displays. However, they don’t wait until the end of the night to give us the biggest and most extravagant explosions choosing instead to litter them throughout.

Musically they’re an intriguing hybrid of sounds, some of which up are decidedly curious and probably not on their list of influences. When they sing, which is not very often, there’s the close multiple harmonies of something like Fleet Foxes or even Arcade Fire. Otherwise there’s the complex rhythms of a less technical Battles running parallel to the rock opera of The Darkness, the bleeps of Parts & Labor and a sense of friskiness that would occur if The Polyphonic Spree met DragonForce and discussed Boston and Cagney & Lacey.

This is an album that rips a bad mood off your face, shatters it against the nearest hard surface and replaces it with a jubilant grin. I really, really love it. Alexis Petridis doesn’t, which should have you clicking here to buy it.





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