Holy Fuck: Latin

In all probability Holy Fuck conceived their name from an exclamation. Yet it’s impossible to avoid the feeling that they strive to make their sound match the other reading of their title. As such Latin sounds angelic and dirty, numinous and sexy, heavenly and carnal.

There’s something more masterful, more rounded and more complete about Latin than previous outputs. Fortunately this does not mean that Holy Fuck have become something anodyne without feeling, energy or bite. This is an album that exudes emotional impact throughout and is frankly brilliant.

There’s the beautifully fractional melodies of ‘Stay Lit’. The all-out funk of ‘Red Lights’. The breakneck velocities amounting to Krautcore on ‘Stilettos’. And the closing masterpiece – with its electro bass, soaring melodies and jackhammer ending – of ‘P.I.G.S’.  And the bonus EP (‘+Ghost’) is a superb and proper dividend rather than a compilation of weaker also-rans.

This is an absolute must buy.


Grease Fire (from bonus EP)


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  1. Hello! That first one isn’t exactly hanging around, is it? Like to see them do this live… nice work.

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