Ikons: Ikons

Ikons hail from Sweden and seem to reproduce the association of Scandinavia with design minimalism if the artwork on their eponymous album is anything to go by. Even deciding that it actually is  a self-titled output is difficult with such a complete lack of information. In fact, is it called Serv036 or is that just its catalogue number?

Sonically, it seems that once again, lads and lasses, we’re floating in and blasting through outer space. Three tracks underline this assertion: a Hawkins style vocoder on ‘Domine’ tells of galaxies; guitars and synths are patterned on ‘Guns’ in a way that brings forth pleasurable memories of hitting the hyperspace button (repeatedly, for the sake of it and because you got a visceral rush at watching the white pixels co-join to form a tunnel of speed) in any number of 80s videogames; and on ‘The Hawk’ just because it’s all out Space-Rock with more than a nod, both in its title (although that’s just a guess) and in its groove, to Hawkwind.

Despite this astronomical bent it’s on the more grounded, yet still sky-gazing, sensibilities of ‘Slow Light’ where Ikons really succeed: smouldering bass and synths as light as chemtrails are brought together in a way that seem strangely apposite for the time of year where the first hints of spring warmth are beginning to pervade.

Only one track significantly fails – on the ‘That’s the single!’ moment of ‘Imperiet’ attempts at Joy Division or Killing Joke transform into something more akin to, unfortunately, White Lies. Ooops.

Yet Ikons are still very much worth an inspection if you get the chance. Buy here.


The Hawk



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  1. and that droplet symbol looks like the RepRap logo, which is gravy

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