Moon Duo: Escape

Moon Duo are Wooden Shjip’s Erik ‘Ripley’ Johnson and Sanae Yamada. With an EP and a 12” behind them, Escape has been described as their first long-player. Yet with only four tracks it still feels more of an EP.

It’s hard to see where Wooden Shjip’s end and Moon Duo start – we still have the same sense of blissed out psyche with vocals hushed and distanced, combined with guttural guitars both locked into a hypnotic groove and allowed the freedom to bend and colour a melody. Perhaps the distinction comes with a deeper sense of (both outer and earthly) space, or the louder drums, but the dividing line is a fine one.

This is in no way a bad thing: anything that extends or tweaks the Shjip’s template is very much welcome. As is the fantastic facial hair that Mr. Johnson sports. Surely the best beard in rock today?

In The Trees

God knows we need some sunny Californian sound rays round these parts. So get yours here.



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  1. Very Nice! Can’t wait to pick up the full album.

  2. Make sure you do Eric. It’s mighty fine.

    And thanks for commenting.

  3. Yep, good stuff. Shjould have followed up on your tip a while back…

  4. Aren’t t’Shjips supporting Pavement?

  5. not the one i’m going to, unfortunately. could have tested my cloth ears on them 😦

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