New (new?) Andrew W.K. on the way

We don’t often do plugs here but this works as art too. Andrew W.K.’s ‘lost’ third album, Close Calls With Brick Walls is being remastered and released with a CD of rarities called Mother Of Mankind. I’ve got this lost album, though I can’t for the life of me remember whether I bought it in Japan or not. It is hardish to find.

This has already got the conspiracy AWKs twitching – is it something he has to do as part of whatever gag-order weirdness he’s stuck in? You know, like this or this. I dunno, he’s probably happy to have it out. Probably. Anyway, I’m happy at the prospect of a few new b-sides, and this video is enough to cheer up even the darkest winter evening…

Out 8th March from online stores… you know the ones.



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  1. The weirdness of his situation translates into the WTF? video. He looks and sounds so frustrated – which should lead to even better music, no?

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