angrybonbon’s Top Ten of 2009

It has proved too difficult for me colleague and I to decide on a joint BBO Top Ten for 2009. It just got too complicated, we’re too polite to stamp on each other’s favourites and our brains are too small. So in a not-so-time-honoured tradition we’re going for individual top tens and then a joint top four. Yes, four. Obviously.

1 – Manic Street Preachers – Journal for Plague Lovers.

When I heard about this album I thought it impossible to achieve; sometimes it’s great to be totally and ridiculously wrong. Quite where MSP found the emotional resources to use Richey’s words and put them to a staggeringly brilliant rock album is beyond me. Quite how Mr. Bradfield manages to make the lyrics scan is also beyond me. Plus any album that mentions Situationism is always going to be a winner round these parts.

Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

All is Vanity

2 – Brakes – Rock is Dodelijk

I have a deep love for live albums. When you get (in effect) two gigs on one album (with tracks repeated) that amounts to, but far exceeds, a ‘best of’ from the best in the country, I’m starry eyed infatuated. My newest favourite band and an album that has jolted me awake many a morning. Just incredible.

Hi How Are You

Cease and Desist

3 – Ben Frost – By the Throat.

Out of the leftfield this enchanted and disturbed like little has before. Digital growls and icy atmospherics make for a taxing listen, but one exceedingly worth the effort. Properly worthy of the term ‘groundbreaking.’


4 – Saturation Point – Mechanisms

The best of the wave of Kraut inspired outfits that have taken hold of my playlists in 2009, this lot manage to sound new as much as Neu. Add some deep space moods and sunrise tinted psychedelics and this is an album that I keep coming back to.

*Untitled 6*

5 – Spokes – People Like People Like You

A surprise find. Taking the seemingly tired post-rock formula and giving it a sharp pinch, Spokes deserve much more coverage and adulation. To repeat: one to follow.

End Credits/Loveletter

And the other five:

6 – Cave – Psychic Summer

7 –  Let our Enemies Beware – Against Karate

8 – Julian Cope – The Unruly Imagination

9 – Harmonic 313 – When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

10 – The Duckworth Lewis Method – The Duckworth Lewis Method

And bubbling under are:

Fennesz – Black Sea

Jonsi and Alex – Riceboy Sleeps

The Horrors – Primary Colours

Black Sheep – Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse

Moebius – Kram

Beak> – Beak>

Health – Get Color

And thank fuck for music this year – everything else has been pretty shite. Biggest cheers to those I’ve enjoyed a gig with on a regular basis. You know who you are.



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