Teenage Fanclub, Super Furry Animals: Ben and Jerry’s Sundae On The Common


Now this is what I call a festival: sunshine, free ice cream, just down the road from my house. Of course that wouldn’t be enough to tempt me if the bands were rubbish, but when the line up includes Teenage Fanclub and the Super Furry Animals it’s pretty close to perfection.

TFC were on good form, working up to a new album and brave enough to play some of this material, which sounded great. Otherwise they sensibly stuck to the summery pop they do so well, rather than the grungier stuff – the obligatory Scot calling for ‘Starsign!’ was disappointed, though they did end with a full run through ‘Everything Flows’. They sounded great and seemed very chirpy. Let’s hope they’re on the road again soon.

Did I Say – Teenage Fanclub – Four Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-Six Seconds

Ain’t That Enough – Teenage Fanclub – Songs From Northern Britain


Super Furry Animals always make the sun shine and we were treated to a good selection of old and new hits; ‘Juxtaposed with U’ suited the weather, as did ‘Crazy Naked Girls’ from the current album; the crowd – which wasn’t all old indie types, I was pleased to see – leaped up and down for ‘Inaugural Trams’ and ‘Rings Around the World’. Gruff made good use of his signs, playing the audience like an ice-cream-addled instrument. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Crazy Naked Girls – Super Furry Animals – Dark Days Light Years

Hello Sunshine – Super Furry Animals – Phantom Power


Get out and buy the best-ofs, at the very least! Official sites: TFC and SFA.

Jkneale, photos Siobhan


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  1. Idyllic doesn’t really sum it up does it? Sounds brilliant, but where’s the pic of you singing? ;-]

  2. I like the plastic glass of weak lager held aloft in the third photo. Was this in Clapham? Don’t tell me Tooting!

  3. Clapham Common, Mr P. There was a 3 day festival at the Selkirk last weekend, but we didn’t go… it’s all happening in the SW postcodes.

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