Black Sheep: Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse 2


Can a drone bring about a revolution? Can a monotonous hypnotic jam on the bare minimum of chords usher forth a shift in consciousness? If you layer a series of slogans and calls to protest on top of a repetitive groove of synths and acoustic guitars will their vibrations be a source of global change?

Fucked if I know. But it seems that the Arch-Drude of Wessex and his band of leather-clad anarcho-troubadours are attempting to answer these questions on Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse 2.

One thing I’m quite sure of is that this offering is one for the Cope completist only. I fully admit that half-way through the 18.15 minute opener ‘Ernesto’ I did think to myself ‘he’s taking the piss this time’ (especially during a series of improv squeals around five minutes in). However, this initial judgement has since been tempered somewhat. In particular, I had a suitably heathen and eschatological moment during one listen where one of the thunderstorms that have enveloped the house in recent days coincided with the many that litter the album. In such moments this works, but such timely juxtapositions might be rare.

Most of the tracks weigh in at over 10 minutes, so I’ll share just the one.

Underground Resistance

Search for the Ur-Drone and get ready for the end-times here.



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  1. Hmmm… quite enjoying this, but am a bit worried to see that this is from CD2. Is there really two hours of this sort of thing? Cor.

  2. It clocks in at 90.42 over the two CDs, with the title track at 28.40. There’s probably some occult significance to these numbers that is passing me by.

    Forgot to say in the review that apparently this album is, and I quote, “for motherfuckers and children of motherfuckers only”.

    Just so you’ve been warned.

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