Flowers of Hell: White Out


After raving about this album a while back it’s time for a slight return; download-only label Fat Ghost has released a nearly-ten-minute version of the track ‘White Out’ from Come Hell Or High Water. The extra six-plus minutes allow Greg Jarvis’ space-rock collective to really achieve lift-off. Regular readers (hello Bon) will know of my long-standing thing for Hawkwind, and I hope I am paying the Flowers a compliment when I say that there’s a moment in this version which really reminds me of ‘Space Is Deep’ from that band’s 1972 classic Doremi Fasol Latido, though it doesn’t turn into a droning motorik beast.

Anyway, this is a fine song from a great album, and I can also heartily recommend the first album, The Flowers of Hell. Siobhan says it sounds like camping near the Greenfields at Glastonbury, which is a pretty good recommendation. Here’s the track, up for a very short time, plus the Hawkwind song it reminds me of (especially around the 2:40 mark), and ‘Sympathy For Vengeance’ from that first album.

‘White Out’ – The Flowers of Hell – Single version (Fat Ghost FTS002)

Space Is Deep‘ – Hawkind – Doremi Fasol Latido

Sympathy For Vengeance‘ – The Flowers of Hell – The Flowers of Hell

The band’s myspace is here. Buy the single on iTunes or Amazon – both albums are available there and from all good indie stores.



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  1. For some reason which I can’t quite put my finger on (genuinely) this could be the quintessential BBO post. Cloak and space rock for a start…nice one!

  2. …LARPing is only a click away…

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