Saturation Point: Mechanisms


If you are thinking of holidaying off-world this summer consider this for your travelling soundtrack.

I wrote that opening gambit a while back as a reminder of my reactions to this album after a few listens. Getting on for a month later and after multiple listens I’m still inclined to take a space travel theme to this review. The problem is I’ve done that idea to death. Yet there’s no getting away from how ‘Untitled 3’ begins with a sense of weightless drifting and builds to a  heated re-entry to earth’s atmosphere and ends with a safe parachuted landing somewhere in the pacific ocean…or something along those lines.

Elsewhere, backwards guitar swirl and hypnotise on ‘Untitled 4’, sweet melodies and snares tightened to bursting drive the motorik ‘Untitled 2’ and ‘Untitled 6’ comes over all psyched Chems meets Holy Fuck. It’s all rather lovely.

The always excellent Manic Pop Thrills have covered them quite a bit – clicky here – but beyond this I know little about Saturation Point other than they’ve released a few more albums that I must track down and they need to make more effort with their track titles.

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Develop your own listening motifs here.



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  1. nice. might have to track this down

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