Bronnt Industries Kapital: Hard For Justice


The first Bronnt album, Virtute et Industria, was a spectral, Lovecraftian thing that gave me the willies, and the second was the soundtrack to the Tartan DVD of legendary occult movie Häxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages. I heard Hard For Justice, the third album, in Fopp; if they’d been playing one of the others there would have been complaints, or maybe an empty shop. Or something beginning to manifest amongst the CD racks in the basement….

Which is not to say that this is underwhelming – more that Guy Bartell has mixed his usual church organ noises in with shiny 80s synths to make something like a Germanic John Carpenter soundtrack. In fact Bartell describes it as ‘Hi-NRG Kraut-Disco’, though even that sounds a bit too ordinary – it’s like the music from warped videogames or 70s crime/monster films. ‘Streets of Fury’ or ‘Threnody for the Victims of Lucio Fulci’, anyone? Highly recommended.

Knights of Vipco – Bronnt Industries Kapital – Hard For Justice

S.T.R.Y.K.E.R. – – Bronnt Industries Kapital – Hard For Justice

Buy anywhere decent – there doesn’t seem to be a link for this record on their site – or on iTunes.


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