The Flowers Of Hell: Come Hell Or High Water


Working very slowly through our mailbag, we finally get around to the Flowers of Hell, who describe themselves as ‘a 16 piece trans-Atlantic space rock orchestra’ based in Toronto and London. All of this sounds very good to me – we like enormous bands, we like music put together by people in different parts of the world (well, it worked for the Earlies) and my god we love anything within sniffing distance of space rock. Plus they’re made up of or have worked with some great people – Abi Fry, who plays with British Sea Power and Bat For Lashes, for example (I think that’s her sitting on the floor on the right), a couple of Earlies, and various others. Greg Jarvis, front and centre above, is founder and ringleader.

The album Come Hell Or High Water came out last week on Unfamiliar Records in Canada and Benbecula in the UK. And it doesn’t disappoint – it’s superb. I suppose post-rock covers it, but that’s a very vague term these days. I can hear more of a Velvets sound on the first, eponymous, album; but Come Hell Or High Water is more ambitious, finding a lovely balance between guitars, strings, found sounds and electronica. It’s quite beautiful; moving; unpredictable, too. Plenty of contrast and variety and invention. ‘Bluemschen’ shifts from atmospheric sounds to drone and drums; ‘Occasional Tears’ becomes a solitary piano line. Feet will be tapped in places; cloaks could quite reasonably be worn in others.

One of the consequences of being behind with your mail means missing real news – and we have missed the Flowers playing live. If you’re reading this, we’re sorry –please come back and play London and/or Manchester again soon.

Bluemschen‘ – The Flowers of Hell – Come Hell Or High Water

Opus 66 (Part 1)‘ – The Flowers of Hell – Come Hell Or High Water

More on their myspace; get the album at a special price here.



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  1. Yes, yes. Any excuse to wear an intergalactic space cloak. Nice. Will purchase this.

  2. You’d need a shiny cloak, like the ones you get after marathons.

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