Parts & Labor: Star and Garter


I think it fair to say I’ve battered my copies of Mapmakers and Receivers by Parts and Labor into listening submission in recent weeks. This resulted in a weird and almost uncanny sense that I was hearing a series of old and familiar favourites played live at the Star and Garter last night. Having only recently discovered this Brooklyn quartet, the strange familiarity of the tunes left me in a state of pleasant and warming uneasiness – which is a good thing, trust me.

One the many factors which made this performance special was the way the band seemed to be enjoying themselves, evident from the grins, wit between songs and immersion in their own sound. B.J. Warshaw (bassist, electronics and vocals) has honed the 70s physics teacher look to perfection and managed to add his own twist by looking like a fizzgig staring into the middle distance as he belted out searing harmonies. Dan Friel (vocals and electronics), rocked back and forth, and generally quivered over the array of boxes and wires set out in front of him. Sarah Lipstate (guitar and even more electronics) added some serenity to the proceedings and drummer Joe Wong pulled off a series of brilliant drummer faces.

By the time opener ‘Satellites’ had finished I was already won over. Some PA climbing theatrics by Mr Warshaw at the end of the encore finished the night off rather nicely.


Some of the best tunes from last night

Wedding In A Wasteland

The Gold We’re Digging

And one I don’t think they played, but anyway….

Brighter Days

Purchase here.

Finally, a quick note on the Star and Garter: great sound, a raised stage and a friendly doorman resplendent in a Half Man Half Biscuit beanie. It’s a proper pub venue. Look and learn Ruby Lounge and Moho Live.



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  1. Cool. Great photos. Any Mulligan and O’Hare moments?

  2. Sounding less so live. However, there was a similarity between Mr Warshaw and Vic doing the camera man on the history of Shooting Stars thing that was on at Xmas….which I couldn’t get out of my head all night.

  3. I downloaded ‘Satellites’ from a blog on Hype Machine, and I will be grabbing the albums as a result of that and this. Nice, especially the ZX Spectrum loading sounds.

  4. what a great band, i just saw them in berlin and was floored by a rushing wall of sound. just posted pics and a full report!

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