Five More Christmas Songs


Not trying to have the last word, mind, but I had a few more favourite Christmas songs to post. Sorry if you’ve heard them before, but they cover all aspects of the festival, as far as I’m concerned.

The Now-Traditional Annual New Eddie Argos Christmas Song – ‘Countdown To Christmas‘ – Glam Chops

The ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ Decent-If-Pretty-Faithful Christmas Cover – ‘Stay Another Day‘ – Maps

The Christmas-Referencing Song That’s My Year-Round Ringtone – ‘Crystal Castles Save Christmas’ – Crystal Castles

What Christmas Actually Used To Be Like: ‘I’m Getting Pissed For Christmas‘ – Peter And The Test Tube Babies

What I Wish Christmas Eve Sounded Like Round Here: ‘Christmas Eve‘ – Teenage Fanclub

And finally, in the spirit of humbuggery, here’s a topical note from The Indelicates’ first album:

If Jeff Buckley had lived
He’d have been short on the throne
And counted his life out
In an old rockstar’s home
Where they play ‘Hallelujah’
Every retrospective
And most wouldn’t know him
If Jeff Buckley had lived

And Uncle Len needs the money, shirley. So we’re all winners. Merry Christmas!



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  1. You should add a contact/email address to your “about” section. I’m from Crystal Castles’ label, please remove the mp3, thank you.

  2. Sorry. Done and done. Merry xmas!

  3. Happy New Year, you slackers.

  4. And to you Mike. More coming soon, promise.

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