Loop: Re-mastered


I’ve stated my love of Loop before here, but with the re-mastering of two of their albums – Heaven’s End and Fade Out – I’ve got another excuse.

For the most part Loop are criminally forgotten and under-rated in most histories of the Alternative/Indie spheres. I was hoping these re-masters would propel them back into the kid’s consciousness, but I’ve yet to find much evidence for this. Collecting together various different and unreleased versions, rarities and Peel sessions (plus a stack of curiously abstract guitar loops from Fade Out) these two re-issues still sound fresh and innovative to these old(ish) ears of mine, despite an inevitable haze of nostalgia.

Loop settle you into a throbbing simplified groove from the outset. After listening to a few tracks you know that what starts will finish. Upon the droning background are layered razor edged refrains of fuzz and Robert Hampson’s blissed out, edifying and mostly indecipherable vocals which add another hypnotic energy to the blend. As such we’re not here to dissect and deconstruct clever observations on life and society. Instead we’re here just to drift. Sometimes – or for me, a lot of time – that’s just what you want or desire of music.

By the time Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey appears half way through Heaven’s End to tell us “I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over”, I just about manage to muster enough energy to nod in agreement before my neck muscles give in and my head lolls back.

One from each and a brilliant Suicide cover:

Head On (Original Mix)

Pulse (John Peel Session)

Rocket USA (Mix 3)

Buy some much needed bliss here



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  1. Great stuff. Actually I saw that these had been given their very own listening post in the Brick Lane Rough Trade shop, so maybe they will reach a wider audience…

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