Silvery, ‘Thunderer and Excelsior’


Another late review: London’s Silvery’s first album, out last summer, is a rum ‘un. It’s brimming with charm. Lots of organ (probably steam-driven), perky knees-up rhythms, catchy catchy pop in the tradition of all those English eccentrics, performing bears and village greens. Uniforms are worn and a reading list is provided (Fort, the Angel of Mons, London’s lost rivers and tube stations). The last song ends with a story about the wreck of a tiny battleship crewed by mice, found dead in their sailor’s uniforms, and a great punchline. It’s like iLiKETRAiNS at half-term.

However… I’m all for madcap whimsy but this would make Timothy Claypole look retiring. Musically, it staggers up to you, winking manically, raising its eyebrows and giggling. Like a sugar rush, the fourteen tracks make you want to leap about but leave you feeling a bit hollow. Still, I bet they’re great live and will look out for them. I suspect I will play this to death for a while too. And I am looking forward to their xmas song, a cover of ‘You Give A Little Love’, the final song from everyone’s favourite children’s gangster movie, Bugsy Malone. You can hear it – highly recommended, actually, and a bit understated compared to this album – at their MySpace, and it’s out to buy a week today. As their label, Blow Up, puts it, ‘It’s time to party like it’s 1929!!!’

For now: here’s single ‘Action Force’ and the one about the mice.

Action Force‘ – Silvery – Thunderer and Excelsior.

Animals Are Vanishing (Or, Martian Invasion 1853)‘ – Silvery – Thunderer and Excelsior.

Buy through their MySpace page or usual channels.


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  1. Hmmm. On first listen, I’m not sure I’m ‘getting’ this. Might have if you hadn’t gone and mentioned Buggsy Malone, which I despise. Just ask Miss S!

    Will listen ont, as you’re usually (sic) right….;-)

  2. C’mon now. You know what my ears are made of….

  3. I am intrigued by the Xmas thing, seeing as I was in a production of BM back in ’85…

    All together now!

    “We coulda been anything that we wanted to be…”

  4. Also, I’m intrigued by the cover design. A guy on horseback wearing a gasmask? It brings to mind ‘The Tower King’ from the Eagle comic relaunch. Medieval post-apocalyptic London, cannibalistic “Tube Rats” controlling the Underground etc.

  5. Matt: you should head for that myspace version right now. Dum-dada-dum-dum! And as for crazed feudal oafs controlling the underground – it could never happen here! Oh it has? OK. I see Mr Ortiz also drew the Thirteenth Floor, which I liked. I will investigate further.

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