Lookee Yonder: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Troxy


Just a quick write-up here, as Nick’s ‘tache seems to be glaring at me. Off on a freezing cold London evening to the fabulous Art Deco Troxy on Commercial Road, a former cinema restored to general duties (cage fighting, beauty pageants, gigs). It looked pretty good and the sound was great for such a big and lumpy venue. There’s a carpet, and yes of course the superannuated goths in the crowd were sitting down on it. I swear one had even brought their own war memorial.

Anyway Nick and the Seeds were on fine form. We got quite a bit of this year’s Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, which I have to admit to paying only cursory attention to; I think I’m more of a Cave ballads man, myself, and so this one seemed only… OK. But as is often the way I went home resolving to play it to death. Anyway, I counted seven tracks, including the title track and a rip-roaring ‘We Call Upon The Author’, mixed with a slew of classic Cave stuff. The band seemed pretty ragged in places; after ‘Deanna’, which staggered about like it had been drinking meths, Cave said “That was interesting!” But you want a bit of craziness from the Bad Seeds, and my god it was loud. You also want a few laughs with your psychodramas, and we got those when Nick discovered a dry-cleaning tag on his waistcoat. I imagine he gets through a few service washes on tour.

Anyway, two songs that were particularly good: one loud and well-known, one quiet and not; and neither from the last album:

The Mercy Seat‘ – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Tender Prey

God Is In The House– Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – No More Shall We Part

Official site. Buy.



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  1. Glad he finally got over there on this tour. My review from San Diego here: http://petty.me.uk/wordpress/?p=422

  2. Thanks for reviewing this – makes up for my laziness of not doing the Manc show.

    I’d forgotten just how loud the Seeds can be. Still not quite the same without Blixa although the beardy Ellis makes up for it a bit. ‘Weeping Song’ will never be the same again though.

    Did he do ‘Hard on for Love’ at this one (and San Diego Matt P?)?. He dedicated it to his mother here which makes the refrain of ‘her breasts rise and fall’ even more disturbing.

  3. Yup, we had that. I think he introduced it as ‘a tender ballad’. Ellis is a different kind of weirdo to BB – BB looks quite normal until you look into his eyes, whereas Ellis looks like he sleeps in hedges and keeps hundreds of cats, but is probably quite laid-back. Probably.

  4. Nice description. I always expect him to come on stage with a Safeways plastic bag containing a hlaf-eaten box of fig rolls and a pack of Craven A, but alas he’s yet to do so.

  5. He also looks like he smells of gin. But in a good way. Mmm… fig rolls.

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