The Best of BBO Mixtape #1: The First 100 Posts

100 posts since March 2007! Not exactly grafting, clearly, but in between the other stuff we have to do BothBarsOn has brought you a roguish mix of new music and some old rubbish you’d either never heard of or wished you hadn’t. We’ve had a ball and are proud of our nearly 22000 hits – hello Hawaii! – and would like to pass on our secret to anyone who thinks this is tricky:

1, Here’s WordPress. Get yourself a blog.

2. Here are the HypeMachine and Elbows. Publicise it to thousands of music fans.

3. That’s it! Fanzine plus distribution network.

To celebrate: a dozen tracks from bands BBO loves to pieces, with the largest share going to the things we’ve liked for a while.

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”54347f84eb76a1662e618b43f134b7b0″ pid=”a6314f215263a16af98289405363e930″ un=”jkneale” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

Mix put together and presented thanks to the brilliant mixwit site – another recommendation!

See you all again soon… thanks!

JKneale and the angrybonbon

About jkneale

BothBarsOn's London correspondent.

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  1. yay mixtape. you must also publish the hand-drawn cover, or cutting from a magazine used as the cover.

  2. or in one outstanding example, the abstract watercolour used as the cover (of a homemade Sarah records compilation)

  3. would you like any other offences to be taken into consideration? Though I think I might have clipped something from a sunday supplement once… and I suspect it got wrapped around a Blue Oyster Cult cassette. So OK.

  4. Hurrah for the mixtape! It makes me want to hang around with you in college (that’s university to you UK types).

    If you want to be all misty – here’s a nice article about mixtapes.

    No tears now!

  5. Fantastic! Thanks. Glad you like the tape too…

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