The Wedding Present: ‘Back For Good’


Well it struck me that the last post was basically a cover of a boyband love song that added guitars and a bit of oomph, without destroying the soppy poppiness of it all… which sounds a bit like this, the Wedding Present’s cover of Take That’s ‘Back For Good’. I had to do this for karaoke recently – the Take That version, unfortunately – and if it hadn’t been for this cover I would have been lost. I was always more of an East 17 fan really, though I have no idea if there is an Electro Hippies cover of ‘Stay Another Day’ out there somewhere. So here it is, David Gedge’s fist of pure emotion.

The Wedding Present – ‘Back For Good

Alright then, you can have another one to keep the winter blues at bay:

The Wedding Present – ‘Theme from Cheers



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  1. East 17 = The Rolling Stones
    Take That = The Beatles

  2. I’ve heard this one too. But while the Stones were scarier than the Beatles, they were still pretty polished compared to Brian Harvey.

  3. Agreed, but it was the other two (apart from Mortimer) that scared me the most…

  4. I’m cherishing an image of James Kneale in full Gedge lookylikey mode, wrestling with the TT version. Doubtless your esteemed colleagues witnessed a display of pissed up pure emotion.

    Anyway, I’d lost this file, so thanks! I’m seeing them in Edinblur next month for the first time in years.

    I interviewed Gedge once, then discovered I had forgotten to release the pause button on my fancy recordable Walkman. It was for the student paper so I had to make it all up to cover my embarrassment.

  5. JKneale in Gedge lookylike shock?! ;-]

  6. Everyone thinks he looks Gedge? And yes, I did think it was ‘pissed up’.

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