Andrew W.K. – Still big in Japan

So I’ve just got back from Japan and I’m clutching a souvenir – Andrew W. K.’s cover of J-Pop band GReeeeN’s ‘Kiseki’. It’s a great song and I think it benefits from the AWK touch. Turns out it’s one of several covers of J-Pop songs the great man is putting together for an album, along with a best-of album – I can’t be sure. All the sites I can find that have something on the covers project are Japanese, like this one which suggests a 5th November release for both albums… nothing on his official site or this excellent fansite.

‘Kiseki’ was a hit for the band GReeeeN, who are apparently dental students who are keeping their identities secret until the graduate. Very sensible.

Andrew is of course doing intermittent motivational speakings and has finished co-producing Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s album. I bet that was a lot of fun…

Andrew W.K. – ‘Kiseki’  – **REMOVED!**

And by popular request here’s the video for the original:



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  1. At the risk of writing predictable comments to your posts, I bloody love that. Are you going to track down the original?

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