The Stuff dreams are made of

I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I know I’ll fucking like it.

Why, the multitudes ask? Only a week to go before The Wonder Stuff celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album and perform The Eight Legged Groove Machine in its entirety in Birmingham, that’s why. The next night they’re doing the same in London. And me and my lovely lady are going to both.

As a bloke I’m genetically predisposed to compile lists: it’s scientifically proven. As such, 8LGM is number 2 in my all-time favourite albums top five. There isn’t a note wrong on this masterpiece. It’s the perfect balance of melody, hooks, grit, bile and edgy guitars. It’s also about 80% fast and furious post-punk pop. Consequently, I’m not sure if I’ll be physically able to last the whole night down the front (which is where I want to be). Add another night to the equation and the fact that Room 512 forum members have been getting into training for it (although the exact gym hours put in is hard to discern) and I ain’t got a chance. Still, I’ll do my best.

As if the gigs weren’t enough, the current line up have only gone and re-recorded the whole thing, with b-sides from that era. Everyday is a good day to be a Stuffies fan, but just recently it’s gotten a whole lot better.

The London date has sold out, but there’s still some tickets left for Brum and if you can’t make that they’re doing more dates in May 2009 at London, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow.

“Here’s something to bang your fucking ugly heads to”, as Miles would have it.

Ten Trenches Deep (live) – The best wig-out ever in my humble opinion (taken from Cursed with Insincerity)

Unbearable (live) – from the excellent The Wonder Stuff Live album.

Poison (live) – ditto

Astley in the Noose – couldn’t be more appropriate given his unwanted rediscovered tinterweb status.

The re-recorded 8LGM is available for pre-order here (limited to 2000 copies) and at the gigs.

See you down the front (for the first two tracks, I’d imagine).



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