Steeple Remove: Electric Suite

Some bands generate a sound and style, discover it’s a winning formula and stick with it, avoiding deviation like the plague. Others generate a shite formula and stick with it, helpfully allowing most of the populace to avoid them like diseased rats. Steeple Remove, it seems, have gone for variation in style as a winning formula, avoiding sameness like contaminated rodents. Question is, does this formula win? Well, yes. Mostly.

Second full album, Electric Suite, might not have had the sheer impact that Radio Silence did on my listening habits, but there is much here to admire mainly because Steeple Remove seem to be very adept at achieving across a variety of genres.

The Blade Runner urban imagery that so dominated Radio Silence is here again, but rather than sounding genuinely futuristic, this time the cityscapes are more akin to when Ridley Scott’s masterpiece was released – i.e. 1982. Sirens blaze, traffic swoops and Casio keyboards sizzle on opener ‘Radio Kill Surfers’, conjuring images of Miami rather than Rouen (SR’s home town). More 80s images are invoked on ‘Magnetosphere’ which sounds all Jarvis in clinging corduroy on a glitter balled dance floor. Indeed, ‘Off the Air’ could easily be an extra track on His ‘n’ Hers.

But just as you think you’ve located Steeple Remove, both spatially and temporally, they go and hit you with ‘Somerset Lights’ or ‘Flash Resonance’ – two wonderful slabs of ambient drone. Stand-out track, however, has to be ‘Yellow Loop’ which sounds like The Earlies meets Neu! – top stuff.

So whereas they might have turned down the guitars a bit (although last track ‘Still Life’ has got the feedback) and gone a bit poppier, Steeple Remove are very much worth pursuing (though probably in a speedboat rather than a spinner this time).

Vive la difference and all that.

Yellow Loop


Flash Resonance

Go sockless and stroll down here to buy it.


p.s. cheers dintcheff!


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