Growing: All the way

I doubt I can do better than the mini-review of Growing’s All the Way that appears on the cover sticker: “Two mates pissing about with effects”, attributed to ‘Some bloke in Bristol’. Succinct and to the point, I think you’d agree.

I’ve obviously come to Growing late given the amount of releases detailed here. Then again I’ve always been late to various musical parties throughout my fan years. Still, All the Way is a great serving of electronic looping experimental/improv that I’m glad I’ve found.

Opener ‘Green Flag’ is more weird rainforest than roadside rescue: sliced droning vibrato guitars interspersed with strange machinic frog calls. On the fantastically entitled ‘Rave Pie Only’ the looped guitars sound like they are connected to a dodgy amp or badly wired cable whilst being played down a mobile with poor reception. And this time they are caught in the cross-fire of proper B-movie sounding laser guns.

For Fennesz and/or Fuck Buttons fans this is hypnotic, peculiarly melodic and intense stuff. Worth a punt.

Green Flag

Rave Pie Only

Enlarge yourself here. Official website here.



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  1. two entries in a day! w00t

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