The Godfathers (WATN?)

A comment on an earlier post mentioned The Sid Presley Experience, and while I can’t dig up anything of theirs I can help with the band formed by The SPE’s Peter and Chris Coyne: the Godfathers. While they’d had stuff out from 1985 onwards, and the song that brought them some attention was probably ‘Birth, School, Work, Death’ (from 1988), I’m the proud owner of the Valentine’s Day themed ‘Love Is Dead’ 12″, which came out the year before and took up residence on my cheapo Richer Sounds turntable. This is essentially tuneful, smart garage rock; I always had them filed next to The Screaming Blue Messiahs in my mental musical rolodex (we didn’t have iPods then). ‘Love Is Dead’ is just a series of pop hooks; notebooks out, Hives!

Of course like all bands from this era they’ve reformed and there’s a new version of the first album out – good luck to them. If they have a fraction of the vim they used to have it would be a treat to see them. They’ve apparently played the Forum already this year and are playing Islington Academy on the 24th October – I won’t be here then, but you should go. You should. If you’ve read this far that is.

A couple of tracks from the 12″ and the aforementioned ‘B, S, W, D’:

Love is Dead‘ – The Godfathers – Love Is Dead 12″

Gone To Texas‘ – The Godfathers – Love Is Dead 12″

Birth, School, Work, Death‘ – The Godfathers.

Oh and you might at well look at something from the pretty extensive YouTube vaults – the promo for ‘I Want Everything’:

Official site (I think).This site here has the ins and the outs of it – also recommended. Go and buy wherever you can.


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  1. The Godfathers! Brilliant band live. Saw them in the Glasgow Cathouse around 1990 and they would have blown almost anyone off the stage that night. Have the Hit By Hit album and a great picture sleeve single of BSWD. Made my day – off to Fopp to buy the new version. Happy memories.

  2. Glad to be of service, Derek!

  3. Hey,

    You can hear the awesome Sid Presley Experience here and download a song
    for free too!

  4. Thank you very much… we like Little Hits and we like Too Old To Rock too!

  5. Aw shucks, that feeling is mutual. Keep on postin’!

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