Earworm! The Accidental, ‘Illuminated Red’

This has really burrowed into my consciousness since I downloaded it as part of the very fine Full Time Hobby compilation ‘Not Doing It For The Quids’. It’s called that because it’s free in exchange for an email address, and it’s a cracking collection of Sufjan Stevens, Fujiya and Miyagi, White Denim, Micah P. Hinson, The Hold Steady, I mean stop showing off already!

This is a beautiful song, sad but with a wistful jauntiness [reaches for Silk Cut]. Obviously the rest of the world was onto this in the spring but who needs music like this before the leaves start falling? I’ve just sent off for their album ‘There Were Wolves’, because this isn’t a one-off. I don’t think they’d mind us plugging ‘Illuminated Red’ since it’s on their own site, plus a fantastic (hairs-on-the-neck-lifting) live version on video.

Illuminated Red‘ – The Accidental

Download the compilation from Full Time Hobby. Buy the album here; MySpace here.



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  1. I completely agree about the live version, it is such a wonderful performance, I love how the beautiful song that they know they have begins tentatively yet grows in confidence to become quite amazing.

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