Return of The Secret Machines

It’s been more than two years since the last Secret Machines album. Here’s the first taste of the new one – or the new band, since Ben Curtis left. His brother Brandon and (amazing drummer) Josh Garza have filled the gap with guitarist Phil Karnats, who played for Tripping Daisy – like Ben did. All the best people do. The new material seems pretty punchy, which is good news to these ears. I loved the last album but thought it lost a little of the motorik/prog side of their debut (while keeping the great pop hooks). Their Glastonbury performance in 2005 was fantastic stuff, bordering on  cloak-rock. Anyway, here’s the first radio-play-friendly track from the forthcoming album; plus the epic ‘Dreaming of Dreaming’, which has apparently fallen off the album.

Oh, and for the fans: two songs from the Nowhere Again single, from the first album. Actually these songs are really two parts of one 14+ minute song, which is how it should be. Enjoy!

Atomic Heels – The Secret Machines

Dreaming of Dreaming – The Secret Machines

An Epic Case of MIstaken Identity I – The Secret Machines

An Epic Case of Mistaken Identity II – The Secret Machines

Buy where and what you can.



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  1. How queer! Was going to do a little Machines blog with similar news myself. Still, you’ve got more right as I ain’t seen them (yet) and well, me talking about blogs I was going to do but never did is getting a little tiresome, yes?

    And the next two weeks don’t look good for me…..

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