Be there, or watch it on the interwebs

Not sure what to call this kind of post but here is the news (from Drowned In Sound): some of the ATP/My Bloody Valentine-curated New York do will be streamed live on WFMU. I saw the line-up when it was announced and briefly thought of buying a flight over, before I realised it had already sold out. Featured bands include BBO favourites Lightning Bolt, Bob Mould, and Thee Silver Mt .Zion Orchestra as well as Dinosaur Jr,. Low, and Mercury Rev, amongst others.  Shirley an unbeatable line-up for tinnitus and rictus grins.

The only question is (and this is where you have to start pinching yourself) why are they not showing us Fuck Buttons, the Meat Puppets, Tortoise doing ‘Millions Now Living…’, Mogwai etc etc. Oh and MBV, obviously. Maybe that’s the stuff that people are really paying for, but I will be squinting at my laptop all the same.

I’ve not been to Minehead for one of these shindigs yet, and I love ATP to bits, but why don’t we have this sort of solid gold line-up on this side of the Atlantic? Oh well – in the spirit of having-Glastonbury-at-home here are some of those artists, to put you in the mood:

Hang On To Each Other – A Silver Mount Zion – Horses In The Sky

Twisted – Sugar – Beaster

Birdy – Lightning Bolt – Hypermagic Mountain

Remember – if you’re going, take earplugs. Though I’m so envious that I hope you go deaf.




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  1. Good giddy god. Surely this is curated by BBO? Wooden Shjips and Harmonia are in there as well. Ok, I’ve never got round to blogging on either, but I’ve thought about it on numerous occasions and that counts don’t it?

    Yep, wish you all deaf.

  2. Oh and the Mike Patton one looks right up my street as well


  3. i thought about that but it’s a bit metal. Some nice No Wave/noise stuff I suppose. Think there’s still tickets if you wanted to go…

  4. Oh and you now need to blog on those other bands then…

  5. Arrr, cap’n.

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