Silver Apples (Roadhouse 4th Sept)


You know you’re at the right gig when:

a) The artist introduces the next song by stating ‘this is an instrumental about Gremlins’.

b) The chorus of one of the songs goes something like: ‘I found a purple egg in a ukulele bush and the carrot lady said come in and play it’

I implore you to apply these evaluative criteria next time you go to watch anything.

Silver Apples, now just the wonderfully named Simeon Coxe III, put on an influential and inspirational display of antique electronica last night at the Roadhouse. I knew it was going to be a good night when I saw the famous homemade synth, also named Simeon, wheeled onto the stage – a gaggle of wires, boxes and controls for oscillation. From there on in Simeon was tweaked, bent and throbbed, whilst Simeon layered his simple, psychedelic, yet strangely pointed lyrics over the top. Mesmerising and no mistake.

Two other things struck me last night. First, the unbelievable age range of the audience: from the usual 30-something muso gigging crew (me included, I guess), through to ageing hippies (whom I hoped were there for Silver Apples’ first forays into electronic oscillations) and quite a few seemingly curious yoof. The latter gives me an inner glow and hope for the future.

Second, Silver Apples, as far as I’m aware, have never been fully acknowledged in the history of techno. I don’t want to deny the genius of Kraftwerk (how could I?) but Silver Apples were doing this stuff a good six years before Autobahn was released.

Furthermore, if Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May are the Holy Trinity of techno, does that make Silver Apples YHWH?

I’ll get me coat…

I don’t care what the people say


Get sine-waved here



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  1. Wooh! V. jealous… no drumming then? I hope you don’t get lots of spotters writing in now, like this charming bore entering the fray on their page: “Silver Apples along with Hawkwind were the only people using electronics to create sounds …this is, uh, not true. i’ll allow you to do the research on your own, it’ll be more fun that way.”

  2. Yeah, sort of opened myself up for such attacks. I’ve probably got a few things wrong historically as well, but I don’t care.

    And it were great despite the lack of drummer.

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