Working for a Nuclear Free City: Another band, another planet


I’m convinced of one thing – Working for a Nuclear Free City are doing so on some planet in another galaxy. Pretty similar to our own, WFANFC’s planet is different in one significant way: it has a sun that rises and sets every five minutes or so. Given that most of the double album Businessmen & Ghosts provides soundtracks to such recurrent but no less monumental events it must be so.

Plus during their otherwordly endeavours they’ve managed to channel intergalactic sound waves from a variety of earth bound bands. These hazy, indistinct, but somehow recognisable signals and messages from Planet Earth are mixed and mashed up into something that covers a kaleidoscope of sounds and genres. Most obvious are the Manc references (Stone Roses/Ian Brown, Doves, Earlies) and upbeat psych-dancy-indie (Chems, Holy Fuck), but there’s a bit of shoegaze/MBV in there, some throbbing Krautrock drivers and the odd hint at something Industrial (almost), all underpinned by the funked-up and tight-as-fuck bass and the drums.

All very difficult to pigeon hole. All very good indeed.

Picking tracks across the 103 minutes of music is a tough one and inevitably cannot do justice to the variety on show. But, it must and will be done:

All American Taste


Eighty Eight

Asleep at the Wheel

Get your alien hybrid soundtracks here


(Coda: just went outside to take a picture of the Manc road sign where-from WFANFC get their name, but alas it has been replaced by something much more FDI corporate. Shame).


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  1. thanks nme… what beautiful text and visitors!

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