Skate or… do something else

Well. They’ve only gone and re-released Stupids’ Peruvian Vacation, remastered and with another fifteen or so tracks – which has sent me back to 1985 and my temporary thing for skatepunk. I couldn’t ride a skateboard during the second wave of interest in falling off a bit of moving wood, but I did like the poppier end of the hardcore thrash that went with it. Stupids (the ‘The’ is a shibboleth that is FROWNED UPON by humourless sk8ter bois – sorry, skaters)  were very much the right mix of speed and fun, the Banana Splits teenage rush mixed with US hardcore. This is a great album and it has reminded me how much fun you can have when you’re sixteen, watching your mates skinning their knees in the summer sun. Stupids, I salute you.

Two crackers from this album – one sort-of cover of a very famous song and one that’s not recommended if you have a trip to the dentists coming up. I could have added a few more but… Plus a skate anthem from the more straight-down-the-line-and-more-metal Suicidal Tendencies. In all its crackly 7″ goodness. Includes the line “If it ain’t insane then you can’t get rad”, which might be true for all I know. Have a little mosh, on your own if need be. You’ll thank me for it.

Born To Built To Grind‘ – Stupids – Peruvian Vacation

Always Never Fun‘ – Stupids – Peruvian Vacation

Possessed To Skate‘ – Suicidal Tendencies – Possessed To Skate 7″

God knows about Suicidal Tendencies, but you can buy this highly recommended Stupids product here.


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  1. What other ungodly flirtations have you indulged in? Mind you, I can’t talk…

  2. Well, I claim time and place as excuses – the Herts/Beds borders weren’t exactly the fashion centre of anywhere in the mid-80s, were they? As you know…

  3. Brilliant stuff. Had Stupids album on a tape somewhere at some point, but long since lost. Love it.

    the kids of today wouldn’t [something or other]

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