I was meant to review Halves first EP The Revenge back in May, but never got round to it. Nothing new there then.  Their second EP Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy has been out a month or so now, so better write something methinks.

We’re very much in the post-rock territory with this Dublin outfit. Sounds reminiscent of all the usual suspects can be found across both outputs: a pinch of Godspeed and Mogwai in quiet/loud/building/epic bits, a dash of Sigur Ros in the vocals and strings, and a soupçon of 65daysofstatic in the glitchy drum patterns. Question is, are Halves more than the sum of their parts? Well yes, but only just really. Having been moderately impressed by the first EP I was hoping for more from the second (which is more like half an album technically). On the first few listens I was left with a similar feeling – this is only half way there (sorry). Having said that, this is one of those Cd’s that I’ve found myself coming back to a lot: so there’s definitely something there. Potential for growth and expansion beyond their obvious lineage is the best way to sum up Halves. God that sounds patronising, apologies again.

One thing makes Halves stand out – the effort they put into their packaging. Beautiful artwork, ribbons (The Revenge EP) and one of those elastic band type things you get on posh Moleskine notebooks (Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy EP). Their website is worth a look as well. Plus they have a bear for a logo like BSP so they can’t be bad eh?

From Revenge:

Burial on a Windfarm

From Haunt me:

May Your Enemies Never Find Happiness


Buy the full output here


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  1. Wow. Just listened to May Your Enemies… A definite head-tingler. I’d rather rely on more than good packaging to recommend a CD though ;o)

    Wonder if they’ll do a Coldplay and eventually package all these tracks/EPs into a sensible-sized album?

    Either way, thanks for the listen!

  2. Glad you like em. They grow nicely.

    But don’t you go mentioning C*ldpl*y round here again young lad or there’ll be trouble!

  3. Very nice. Silver Mount Zion stuff is always beautiful to look at/hold, too.

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