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Nice to see the Mercury Prize Panel of Illuminati Judges have been reading BBO considering the number of nominees that have appeared here. It’s true I tells ya!

BSP are in there (an album I returned to at the weekend and sounds stronger every time), as are/is Burial and Radiohead. Admittedly the latter are only favourited by one half of this here blog (i.e. me), plus I’ve not really taken to In Rainbows despite considerable aural effort.

I read elsewhere a blog which trotted out the standard critique of the Prize – y’know the kind of stuff, ‘nothing groundbreaking here’ ‘all buzz bands’, etc, blah, blah. Describing BSP as “indier-than-thou” and Burial as “bumbling dance muzak” got my heckles up, but then this blogger, like us, are just voices in a Web 2.0 world where visitors mostly head straight to the free mp3s without actually reading the entries. And to a degree I don’t blame them.

Still, Last Shadow Puppets have been nominated as well and whereas Mr. Scott Walker is probably too high on the influences agenda to make the album something original, I can’t help thinking they’re just fans and if I had the music industry muscle that Alex Turner no doubt has I’d do a homage to what I love. God knows what it would sound like mind.

Here’s the FREE STUFF. Here’s the FREE MP3s. The DOWNLOADS are BELOW:

Burial – Ghost Hardware

British Sea Power – Atom

The Last Shadow Puppets – Separate and Ever Deadly

Oh and Neon Neon are in there which is more JKneale’s territory, plus I’ve yet to buy it.

Find the display stand at Tesco’s or go here to buy (most of) them.



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  1. Hmm… I’m thinking that if you had the money to make the record you’d always wanted to make, it would be Godzilla soundtrack employing a long list of noise artists of all persuasions. No?

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