B12: Last Days of Silence

I don’t know – you wait a considerable amount of time for one pioneering IDM outfit to release an album and then another one comes along straight after…tsk.

B12’s Last Days of Silence double CD might not be getting the heavy rotation that Black Dog’s Radio Scarecrow did and continues to do here at BBO North, but it’s still a great slab of electronic wizardry. More dance floor bound, B12’s offering has got a trouser-wobbling funkiness to it (particularly on ‘32 Lineup’), as well as some good old fashioned 303 squelches and rattling 808 rhythms. This is especially so on CD2 with its live recordings that sound properly shirts-off sweaty.

Yet it’s on CD1 where B12’s emotion and craft shines through: the remembered places conjured here are miles away from those of shared water bottles, collective air shaping and gum grinding repetition. Instead somewhere altogether less dank is fabricated, especially on the fantastic ‘Hall of Mirrors’.

Like it. Quite a lot thankyouverymuch.

Hall of Mirrors (Digitone’s String Space Mix)

32 Lineup

Twisted Muva (from CD2)

Get funking da trousers, dear Sir/Madam, here 



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