Lowgold, Islington Bar Academy

Of course, it rained, didn’t it? Chucked it down. And I went on my own. But that’s the Lowgold experience for you: like the lyrics of a Wedding Present song. Actually the band were extremely chipper tonight, with plenty of banter about Miles’ knitwear, Dan’s cousin, the age of band and audience, and GnR’s ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ (we got the intro). Despite these ‘relaxed’ vibes this was a great gig and the band played like it really mattered. The smallish but enthusiastic audience sang along and did the head-nodding you have to do to music like this. I just wish they’d play more often – if you thought of going and didn’t, shame on you.

We got something from all three records, including this year’s Promise Lands, reviewed here, with an encore covering Billy Idol’s ‘Eyes Without A Face’. Yes, I know it’s an unusual choice, but it sounded great. And because they were giving away a cd of four tracks (split with support Superimposter) you can hear that cover here, along with something from the first album and Promise.

Eyes Without A Face‘ – Lowgold

Just Like Skin‘ – Lowgold – Promise Lands

Mercury‘ – Lowgold – Just Backwards of Square

Official site. Buy.



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